Unable to run POST scripts for Multiple rows data from CSV in one iteration

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I need help to perform something more with my already running scripts

  1. We have 3 services for a project:
    1.1 GET Service - To read the Item details from Database.
    1.2 CREATE Service - To create new item (with detail) in a Database.
    1.3 MODIFY Service - To modify item details in Database.

The requirement is to analyze performance measurement, if:

  • 1000 of users reading different items at a time.
  • 1000 of users creating different items at a time.
  • 1000 of users modifying different items at a time.

I am using POSTMAN RUNNER with CSV data file, I am able to perform certain tests as below, but need more to do:

  • For GET Service, I am able to provide all item names in single cell in CSV file and able to analyze performance as expected in one iteration from collection runner, but…
  • For CREATE and MODIFY service has multiple data for each item (approx. 14 fields), I am able to run them row by row in collection runner but not altogether in one iteration, which I could do for GET service, as per requirement.
    I am new to Postman so didn’t know the ways? some people suggesting that can be done using objects, Is it possible someone can help and also share example for that?