Unable to pass test 5 of postman day 06

I was trying out day 6 in 30 days of postman

I am not sure where I have done wrong, but I am constantly failing the final test.

I tried to check where the error is happening. I saw that if I log snippetRequest, it is returning

name: "jokes"
id: "3ffadf93-f77f-468f-a9b8-8ec18a24a859"
protocolProfileBehavior: {…}
      disableBodyPruning: true
request: {…}
      method: "GET"
      header: [0]
response: [0]
uid: "34431788-3ffadf93-f77f-468f-a9b8-8ec18a24a859"

Since there is no key called β€œevent”, it is throwing this undefined error. Where am I going wrong?

Follow Up: SOLVED IT!!. I forgot to add accept: application/json in headers

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