Unable to figure out the error in 'get book' section

After completing the into to API, I was submitting through the link. My error as well as the ‘get book’ tab is shown below. PLease provide any solution to this.

Hi @spaceflight-saganis6

What particular task is this for?
Do you have the link so that I could fork the collection myself?

In ‘Intro to API s and Postman’, this is the first tab. There were few steps done in the same tab to get books based on the search. I am not sure how to fork the collection

Where do I find ‘Intro to API s and Postman’?
Is this part of the student program or something else?

Yes, it is a student expert program. it is called "Postman API Fundamentals Student Expert Certification”. Kindly let me know what can be done in the error I m getting

Is this a Postman course hosted on the main Postman site, or a private one?

I’ve had a dig around and can’t find this course.

Therefore, can you please look at the tests tab on the check progress request.

Find the code for the test that is failing and copy and paste that here.

If it is an official Postman course, can you please provide the link.

Think I’ve found it.

Postman Student Programs Update: New Certification and More | Postman Blog

However, as I’m not a Student, I’m not going to sign up just to review the test tab.

For the evaluation to work, you have to have created a public collection as you have to put the URL for the collectionID into the Check Progress GET request.

Therefore, you should be able to share the link to the collection so we can potentially assist.

Without seeing it though, I suspect if you untick the search field and then run your test, this one will pass. It looks like it’s just expecting to see just /books in the URL, not the search parameter.

Yes, it is working after deleting the search request. Thank you very much.