Unable to create Mock Server

I’m trying to create a mock server using Postman App on Mac and I’m getting the following error.


I have a collection created with examples in place.

What I’m missing?

Hello @marcelo.jaeggi, Looks like Postman is having trouble connecting to it’s servers. Can you please check your internet connection.
Let us know if you need any more help!

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Hey @Aman_Dhembla,
I have a good internet connection. I hitting services outside my network from Postman.

I tried reproducing this but was not able to. Can you share the steps you did to get this state?

I just go to any Collection options and select Mock Collection and I get the error

@marcelo.jaeggi- Can you try creating the mock using the web dashboard? Click on View in Web which will open the collection in your web browser and then go to the Mocks tab.

Hey @pratik
I don’t have that option available.

Hey @marcelo.jaeggi! Have you been able to use mocks in the past? Also, what version of the app are you on and when did you most recently download or update it?

Hi @marcelo.jaeggi, looks like you haven’t signed in/created an account with Postman.
The View in web option would come when you create an account and then you’ll be able to view this collection in the web dashboard after it get’s synced.
And features like Mocks, Monitors, collaboration features etc. are only available once you create an account.

If you’re already signed in, then this looks like a bug.
Let us know if you are still experiencing this issue even after signing in the app.

Hey guys,

@claire I’m using version 7.8.0 on Mac. I just downloaded and installed again.

@sivcan I do have an account created on Postman.
If I go to Postman dashboard I can log in but I can’t see any collection that I created in the desktop app.
This is how I see the sync icon:

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Looks like the app is unable to connect to sync, by any chance are you using any kind of proxy/URL whitelisting mechanism that might be preventing the app from connecting to sync?

If the above checks don’t help, can you write to us on help@getpostman.com from your registered email regarding this issue?