Transfer State to Browser

Hello. Thanks for reading.

We have a web app which our client’s use, which reuses the same URL’s no matter which client you’re using, so when the client logs in, they don’t see anything specific to their company in the URL.

So it’s for every company.
And for every company.

You can change companies by sending /company/“companyID” but beyond that, every request is differentiated between companies by cookies.

Hopefully I’m making sense. We also have the same kind of setup for individual users within that company, so in a sense, it’s like you’re 3 levels into the application:

  • level 1: you, the admin/tester
  • level 2: the company admin user (company specific cookies)
  • level 3: the company regular user (user + company specific cookies)

So I’ve managed to get something going with postman even with this non-restful app, but I have a lot of work to do to make things that should be easy.

SO NOW, my question.

Can I transfer the cookies and application state from postman to my browser???!?!?

I want to be able to set a companyID variable in the collection, run some requests, grab a userID from one of the requests, and use that to get to the 3rd session level. That part I have worked out.

But I want to export that session with the 3 levels of cookies and open it in my browser.

I know it’s possible because we had a develop write a tool which did the same thing and worked amazingly well, but it got nixed.

That would be incredible helpful!

Thanks very much.