The request body sent by you exceeds the 1mb size limit

I am currently trying to send a body request via HTTP Post that is larger than 1MB. However, my Postman Mock Server is giving me an error.

As a response i get:
“error”: {
“name”: “badRequest”,
“message”: “The request body sent by you exceeds the 1mb size limit.”

I’m hitting the Mock Server endpoint from Postman HTTP request.
My Endpoint is {{url}}/stock
Variable url:
My Body is in JSON Format and is 1.2mb big.

How can I make the settings on the Mock Server so that larger bodies are accepted?

Ok i think this is a limitation from Postman…

Hey @D4rkdr4g0n1 !

Postman mock servers have a limit of 1MB for the body of a request. This is a restriction in place to ensure the performance and reliability of our mock servers.

At this time, there’s no setting that allows you to increase this limit on a Postman mock server.

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