Tests results reported in unexpected order between Pre-request Script and Test

I do some prep cookie management for one suite of tests that look at how cookies are affecting auth. The prep code is in the Pre-request Script of the individual request. I added a couple of tests to the Pre-request Script to verify that the cookies were ending up in the state that I expected before sending the auth request. Then I added some tests in Tests to check changes to the cookies after the auth request. The results of all these tests did not show up in the order that I expected in the console.

So, I did an experiment and put 3 tests in the Pre-request Script and 3 tests in the Post. Here are the results. As you can see, the test results were interleaved perfectly with the first test result from the Pre-request Script followed by the first test result from Test, etc.

Question: is this the order in which the tests are actually run or just the order in which they are reported in the console?