Testing JSON response

Hi All,
I’m new to testing in postman,
I have some basic tests that i’m trying to do and failed with various errors, so I’m trying your assistance.
this is my response:

    "reporters": {
        "count": 1,
        "list": [
                "name": "newIntegrator",
                "manufacturer": "sony",
                "model": "RSE16K-ER-01",
                "serialNumber": "7FA3AC0E-DC",
                "kWpDC": null

i want to test the response data e.g. if the name is equal to “newIntegrator” for example.

tnx for your assistance :slight_smile:

This is indeed basic functionality.

I would recommend that you go through the core training first, as this is covered in that training.

Postman Galaxy Training | Postman API Network

Run through the “APIs 101 Training”, then the “Testing and Automation Training” course.