TestBashX Brighton with Postman

Here’s an event for our UK people! :guardsman:

The Ministry of Testing is partnering with Postman to host TestBashX in Brighton, GB 2022-03-31T09:00:00Z, a software testing conference set to debut in person this week!

Postmanaut @arlemi and @dannydainton have been invited to do a workshop on API Testing and Automation.

Here’s some details:

In this session you will try out a variety of tests in Postman, demonstrating how you can build robust test suites for your APIs.

You’ll author some test scripts, automate tests, and dynamically control workflows using the collection runner and scheduled monitors - and if you’re still hungry for more you’ll experiment with the CLI collection runner Newman!

What you’ll learn in more depth:

  • Author scripts to test API request responses.
  • Run collections via the collection runner in Postman and/or on the command line using Newman.
  • Control the flow of request execution via scripting.
  • Use scripts and variables to pass data between requests.
  • Use dynamic variables and/or mock servers to automate request data generation.
  • Set up monitors to observe API behavior.


  • Ability to leverage Postman API test and automation workflows in their development and deployment pipeline.

Tickets are limited to 100 attendees, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on this great come back!


Hi @kevin-postman
Is this likely to be recorded?

I don’t believe that it will be recorded unfortunately.
@arlemi might know more about this though.

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@w4dd325 It won’t be recorded as it will be an instructor-led session, but a lot of it will be based on the training available in this workspace (which you’ve probably already done :joy:) Postman