TestBash UK 2023 (Sep 20-21)

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m very happy to share that Postman is sponsoring TestBash UK! Join us for two days packed with all the things we’ve been missing: networking, activities, challenges, games and plenty of other opportunities to learn and meet your fellow testing community members in person. :partying_face:

You can grab your tickets here and the promo code POSTMAN_15 for a 15% discount! And if you’re coming, make sure to come say hi to @danny-dainton, @orbital-module-ast17 and myself at the Postman booth.



Can’t wait! … See you there!


Have you got your ticket already? Use this link and the code POSTMAN_15 for a 15% discount!! :sunglasses:

Already sorted, but thank you anyway :slight_smile:

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