Test to see if value exists


I am still new to postman and JSON and get confused easily what is an array/object and how to correctly work with them.

I have a test script which works

let jsonData = pm.response.json()
pm.environment.set(“UserVar”, pm.response.json()[0].member.criteria.children[3].key.sourceId);

This works and pulls a value like this

but what I want to achieve - I want to create a Test which tell me if that value is located anywhere in any of the response: 2c9180897a5eb28b017a

I tried many things… but the one I feel is closest, I tried the following but it does NOT work it gives me an “AssertionError: Target cannot be null or undefined.”

pm.test(‘Test to find value’, () => {
pm.expect(jsonData.key).have.property(‘sourceId’, ‘2c9180897a5eb28b017a’);

Hi, I think this topic can help you with what you need, but if you can’t let me know I’ll help :wink:

I couldn’t get that to work @cmnazario
But thank you for the help.

I did find a solution, so I’m going to post it, to hopefully help someone else in the future.
Rather than searching through objects and arrays and confusing myself what-is-what.

I put this in the Tests tab.

string = JSON.stringify(pm.response.json());

It will output in the console “success” if it finds the string
It outputs a big red error in the fail scenario
“error in evaluating the test script: AssertionError: expected”

But honestly… I spent enough time on this for now… so this works fine for what I was trying to achieve.