Templates for environments with common variables?

Is it possible to define a template for environments which defines what variables the environments has to contain? E.g. I might expect every environment I use to have a variable called “base_url”. Is there a way to enforce that every environment defines a base_url variable, or do you just have to manage it manually?

Hi @AndrWeis

You could create an environment and then export it (as your template).

Each time you start a new environment, just import the environment.JSON file that will have your default variables… and change the environment name as appropriate.

Alternatively, you could set up all your variables using a pre-req script and the pm.environment.set(); option.

But in my opinion, exporting a template to re-use would be more efficient.

OK, thanks. It’s not ideal. It seems to me that Postman has variables and environments upside down. You want to define a set of variables first, and then provide different values in different environments. In Postman, it’s the other way around.

If you want the same value across multiple environments, you could declare global variables instead of environment-level variables.