Switching Tabs (Easily)

I’ll preface this post with “I may just be missing something”…

I find it next to impossible to easily switch between recently used request tabs in Postman (one of many, many UX gripes - but that’s for a different post).

Is there some sort of keyboard shortcut to cycle between recently used tabs? Think “ctrl-tab” “ctrl-shift-tab” like most any other application that supports multiple tabs/windows.

Common occurrence - I open up more than a few tabs in one session. So many that the tab nav thing is almost useless. I open a new request, do a few things but want to (quickly) go back to the last request I was just on. I either have to go hunt for it in the list of open tabs or I have to navigate the collection hierarchy to find the request.

Someone please tell me I’m missing something and tab switching with a keyboard is fully supported.


Don’t ctrl+tab / ctrl+shift+tab work for you? They work fine on both my Windows and Fedora Linux machines. The only thing I really miss is the option to cycle though tabs in order of recent use (not always to switch to the next tab).

On MacOS (Catalina) and Postman 9.31.xxx it does not. Sounds like in Windows it just cycles through the tab in the order they’re displayed? That user experience doesn’t sound particularly helpful.
This should work like MacOS/Windows command-shift, windows-shift to cycle through apps. That would be a terrible experience on both if you couldn’t quickly switch back to the most recently used app.