Switch statements and not defined

Hello, I’m having trouble understanding how and why something is defined…
I have a switch statement, that based on a random number would give different values:

switch (_.random(1,3)) {
        case 1:
            roleId = 8;
            roleName = "Coach";
            roleRegistrationGroup = "COACHES";
    case 2:
        roleId = 7;
        roleName = "Industry Expert";
        roleRegistartionGroup = "Experts";
    case 3:
        roleId = 4;
        roleName = "Ovals";
        roleRegistartionGroup = "OVALS_OVALS";

Now, when I run it, it returns successfully the value for roleId, roleName, however "roleRegistartionGroup " works only for case 1, the rest it says its not defined. Should I define the variables before the switch statement?
Also why does it only happen after case 1?

EDIT : Well apparently I’ve misspelled roleRegistration for all other cases. :upside_down_face: