Swagger Import with Tags Only Pulls APIs from First Tag

My Swagger APIs use Swagger tags to group APIs. When I import these into Postman, only the APIs associated with the first tag are imported. Tags are unrelated to the API, they just make it more readable. E.g.
customer Calls pertaining to customer resources

accounts Calls pertaining to account resources

I only get the APIs associated with the first (Swagger tag/label/note). None of the other APIs are parsed over.

Is this a know bug in Postman? Is there a work around? Iโ€™ve tried several different import options. They all miss all APIs after the first tag.

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Can you give a visual example of what you are seeing here and how these tags are used in swagger.

Do you use any of the additional settings when importing or are these default?

A watered down version of the spec file showing the tag issue youโ€™re seeing, would help us to replicate to scenario.

Thanks Danny. Turns out it was (my) user error. If you turn on โ€œtagsโ€ in the import section (from path) it maps to how its laid out in Swagger. With 200+ REST interfaces, I was in organizational chaos.

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