Sum of collection variables

So, I have a few variable set in a collection that are numbers:

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 5.03.00 PM

And I’m looking to run a call that adds these variables up, and sets the sum of them as “alltotal”.

I’ve tried things like:

let allcount = +sub1total + +sub2total (etc.) – I get an error stating sub1total isn’t set.

I’ve tried to parse these into integers using:
console.log(parseInt(pm.environment.get(“sub1total”)) + parseInt(pm.environment.get(“sub2total”))) – get the same error.

Not sure where to go.

Hi @brcox9090

You could do something like:

//Get all vars from environment
let subsub1 = parseInt(pm.environment.get('subsub1'));
let sub1total = parseInt(pm.environment.get('sub1total'));
let subsub2 = parseInt(pm.environment.get('subsub2'));
let sub2total = parseInt(pm.environment.get('sub2total'));
let sub3total = parseInt(pm.environment.get('sub3total'));
let sub22 = parseInt(pm.environment.get('sub22'));

//add them
let alltotal = subsub1 + sub1total + subsub2 + sub2total + sub3total + sub22;

//output to console and send total to environment
pm.environment.set('alltotal', alltotal)



This could work too but it’s only going to work if the only thing you have in your environment file is a set of variables that have numbers:

let obj = pm.environment.toObject(),
    sumValues = obj => Object.values(obj).reduce((a, b) => parseInt(a) + parseInt(b), 0);

pm.environment.set('sumTotal', sumValues(obj))

I totally stole this from a question on SO :smiley:

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Thank you for the response! This got me the expected return. Getting better with this stuff thanks to these answers so I really appreciate it!