String contains in if statement


I have a response from one of the endpoints like below

    "links": [
        "First String",
        "Second String"

Some times the values will be interchanged in the response.

Now I need to store only the Second String in the Environment Variable so I wanted to use if condition and if it satisfies the condition then store it.

But I don’t know how to do it.
Can anyone help with if condition how to write in tests

Hey @ereddy068

If there will always be 2 items in that array and you only want the second one each time:

pm.environment.set('my_value', pm.response.json().links[1])

It’s zero indexed so the second item would be [1], which I know looks kinda silly. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That would break under several conditions though but i"m not aware of the full context.

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Hi @dannydainton ,
Thank you for your response.
Yes there will be only 2 values, but the values will be interchanged in the response so there is no guarantee I will have Second String in 2nd place.

So before assigning the value I need to compare them

Not really sure what you’re comparing them with…each other? Something else? :grin:

Is the value, a set/known value or does that also change?

seems like the issue is with whatever is producing the data, it isn’t in a predictable order. Not sure Postman can fix that.

I did like this and issue is solved
var data = JSON.parse(responseBody);
var temp=data.links[0];
postman.setEnvironmentVariable(“variable”, data.links[0]);
postman.setEnvironmentVariable(“variable”, data.links[1]);