Speaking in TestFlix 2021 Conference

Dear Community!!

How are you?

I am back with another talk with TestFlix 2021 conference.

TestFlix 2021 a 2-Day Event will have 100+ curated Speakers giving (pre-recorded) Atomic Talks across 12 different themes like Software Quality Mindset, Automation, Leadership, AI ML in Testing, Performance, API, Usability & Accessibility, DevOps, Performance, Security, and more. These talks would be weaved together along with all the Sponsor demos and marketing content to create one amazing binge watch.

Happening on the 23rd and 24th of October 2021.

Full details about the event: https://www.thetesttribe.com/testflix-2021

My Speaker page: TestFlix 2021 - Pricilla Bilavendran - The Test Tribe

This event is totally free and will have loads of learning, kindly help to spread the word across the world :blush:


Looking forward to the talk :slight_smile:


@ajay184f Thank you Ajay :star_struck:

Welcome to the Postman Community :partying_face:

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