Sorry, iam have problem

I don’t check 9 test of 11 in first collection “Student Expert”

I see my problem with create variable

I don’t see my variable “responseData” in New Environment. What i do wrong?
Screenshot Capture - 2022-06-08 - 18-10-17

Hi @ivansedov

Not 100% sure as I have not done the “Student Expert” but you mentioned “New Environment”… your last screenshot is saving a collection level variable (not environment) … should that be;

pm.environment.set("variable_key", "variable_value");

Thank you, you are right. But unfortunately it didn’t help. I see this random variable, I know its value (Adonis), I add it and the test with a tick shows that everything is ok, but … the final test is not like)))

What does the response body look like?

It says to get the value of the ‘rand’ property … what is the structure of the JSON? could you copy/paste or screenshot the response body?

If i understand this link give you full control?
My problem in this collection
7 test of 11 test
query “Test collection”

Those links don’t show me the response. They would only allow me to fork the collection.

Could you copy out the response or screenshot it?

Ups. After night my test all green (completed). I dont change test, bad all is fine. Thanks you bro. I hope i dont long time ask you about mu problem. Good luck and good code!

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