Socket hang up error in Newman using PFX certificate

Hello Team,

I have a PFX certificate configured for my API and when I hit it from Postman I am able to view the response but when doing the same from Newman I getting a socket hang-up error.

the script which I have used for Newman is below

newman run testSample.postman_collection.json --ssl-client-cert-list certificate.json

the following was configured as certificate.json

    "name": "localhost certificates",
    "matches": [
    "pfx": { "src": "/Users/xxxxxx/Documents/devclient.p12" },
    "passphrase": "password"

Note: For matches, I have given the same values which were entered for the host in the certificate tab of the postman

I have also referred to the link below for assistance but no luck

Kindly let me know if I am missing something over here.