Setting up random words in for array and adding as environment variable to use for other requests

have a doubt with setting up random values to environment level and use it.
Actually I wanted to add a random word in place of name and namekey and set it in environment level. So I have attached the code. But it’s going as undefined error always. I am not if I can do this with the below code. So my body is always dynamic so I want to generate random words/word, whenever it runs and set it and use it for other request. So that always I can have new values without input.Thanks in advance,

POST body :

“name”: “{{categoryName}}”,

Code : Pre-request Script

var random1="{{$randomLoremWords}}";

var random2="{{$randomLoremWord}}";

var categoryName=pm.environment.get(“name”) + random1


var categorynameKey=pm.environment.get(“nameKey”) + random2


pm.environment.set(“caetegoryName”, data[0].categoryName);