SetNextRequest doesnt work on single requests

I need help with SetNextRequest function, I have GET method and want to execute some different ID’s. I have only one return with first ID, it seems that setnextrequest function doesnt wont work. My code:

Any advice?

Hey @ciapas.laurynas :wave:t2:

A couple of things as it’s difficult to tell from the images - Are the request tabs saved? Are you using the Collection Runner to run these or in the single Request?

I’ve saved this tab. I’m trying to run it in the single request.

setNextRequest() will only work with the Collection Runner - That function won’t do anything when individually run from the Request Builder.

Okay, i’ve run it from collection, but in console it logged undefined value of this function, any advice?

This would return undefined so that’s why you’re seeing that in the console.


If you want to see the request name you would need to use: