Set Variable (env or global) from a url string

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I am trying to set a variable form extracting the CODE (in bold below) this string response"

Any ideas would be super helpful


Hey @rainwave22,

I’ve uploaded a template to help provide some guidance on the way to achieve that. It can be found here:

You’ll want to look at the tests tab to see it. It would involve making use of the url and querystring libraries to fetch the information. More information available here:

You could then set the environment variable or global by using the likes of pm.environment.set if needed. More information about that here:

Hopefully, this helps!

Sorry about the inexperience :confused:

but I am trying to do

let Data = pm.response.json();
pm.collectionVariables.set("code", pm.response.json().code[0].code); 

to get
890890890809890809890 890890890809890809890 &state=xyz"

from my response?

Hey @rainwave22,

What does your Response Body look like?

If we can get that exactly how it’s received, it will be easier to offer a more targeted solution. :slight_smile:

exactly like that :slight_smile:

Just as a plain text string?

So if you were to do something like:

pm.globals.set("url", pm.response.text())

It would set that URL as the global variable?

trying to pull

code= “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

just plain string

I know what you’re trying to do but what the response is and the format it’s returned in is very important.

So does the code I posted, set the whole string, as a global variable when run?

The whole string was set :slight_smile:

Just need to pull the code out of the string now

This is completely hacky and horrible but if you just want the code value, it might do:

let str = pm.response.text()

pm.globals.set("code", str.split("=")[1].split("&")[0])

Thank you again Danny