Set multiple variables from response body indexes storing duplicate values

I am creating some data in bulk and getting multiple records in response.
From each index I am setting up a variable to store sequence value which is unique, but I see duplicate values stored instead of unique by index.
I have tried adding settimeout () but still storing wrong/duplicate values and because of that PUT and DELETE test are failing because seq is not unique in each variable.

Expected: var1:38562071809361530, var2:38562071809361531, var3:38562071809361532
Actual: var1:38562071809361530, var2:38562071809361530, var3:38562071809361530


vTestSeq 38562071809361540

vTestSeq1 38562071809361540

vTestSeq2 38562071809361544

vTestSeq3 38562071809361544

vTestSeq4 38562071809361540

vTestSeq5 38562071809361540

vTestSeq6 38562071809361540