Set env variable from script and set next request

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Hi there, Having an issue with the test collection part of student expert. I am getting one failed test case: Set env variable from script and set next request | AssertionError: expected to have a length above 0 but got 0.
@suesmith please help with it. I have tied all possible things that have been discussed on the community forum regarding this issue…but not able to solve it.

//set var from script and next request - make it env var so we check that too

pm.test("Set env variable from script and set next request", () => {

    //second folder should have set var and next req

    let testsArr = mockArr.filter(value => value.event).map(value => value.event); 


    let execArr = testsArr.flat().filter(value => value.script.exec).map(value => value.script.exec); 

    var setsVars = execArr.flat().filter(p => p.indexOf('environment.set(')>-1); 



    var setsReqs = execArr.flat().filter(p => p.indexOf('.setNextRequest')>-1); 




This is the test script that checks that, try to print each lines output and try to understand what it is exactly looking for.

Hint: it is looking for script.exec in any of the requests and checks whether it has a postman.setNextRequest and pm.environment.

Hi, I have added the code in the second folder “Scripting and Collection Runs”. But there is a failing test case: Set env variable from script and set next request | ReferenceError: mockArr is not defined

If you have modified the test scripts , revert it back to what it was initially . Don’t modify the scripts in submit request

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Hi…Thanks for looking into my problem. I have reverted the test script, but the issue of the Test Collection folder still exists.

You have to click the share collection , and click update link for the changes to get reflected

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