Sending XML POST request using telnet

I am trying to send a POST XML request to a Linux server. I connected to the server using putty by selecting the telnet option. OS on the server is SunOS 5.10. I tried to find a solution on Google and found two methods to send the request. First method is using curl. However, I need to install curl first on the server. It will be a longer process for me due to admin restrictions.

I need help with the second method. Below is some of the information that I could gather on how to send the POST request:

HOST: (Host address)
Content-Type: text/plain

I am unsure about other parameters. I have the XML request body with me that I have to send to the endpoint. Could someone please guide me on how to write a workable request?

If you want to post XML to the server via an API endpoint, then you need to design, develop and install the API on the server.

It won’t just have an API ready and waiting to receive data.

You can’t just throw data at a server, unless it has the capability to receive the data. (Which is where the API comes in). The API needs to be able to handle the request and understand the body, so they are pretty specific.

If this server\application does have an API, then there should be documentation somewhere on how to craft the requests. (However, its sounding like it may not actually have an API to consume).

Curl works over http, and still requires an API somewhere to either pull the data, or push.