Send a xml as body when I runing collection, but i get 400 as a response code

Send POST a XML file as body but when I running collection the POST return 400 code, It is look like the body is empty( file is not load), How I can solved this use have anyone have same problem?

I understand you are getting an error when you select “XML” as a request body as below, correct?
Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 9.24.09 am

Can you elaborate a bit more on the specific request that you are sending? If it’s public API, can you share the exact API endpoint?

400 code suggests the request syntax is wrong etc, so it is likely that there is some syntax error somewhere in the XML body and it is worth double-checking it against the documentation of the API that you are using.


Thanks for your message, I find the problem and it is solved.

Excellent! I am glad to hear that the issue is now resolved!

As this is a public thread, if you can share your problem and the resolution, that would be useful for other people with a similar issue.