Select block error - Body path not selectable, only a string

I’m using Postman Web. I am looping IDs into a GET send request, on success the data will go to a SELECT block, and finally into a POST block.

However, when trying to get a path in the SELECT block I only see the body path. Not the entire body, just “Body Aa”. It looks like this:

Select block not showing entire body path

I looked through Postman tutorials and blogs. Here’s an example of what it’s supposed to look like.

Desired result

What I’ve tried
Configurations are all set to JSON
Created a new flow with the same settings, got the same results
Checked to make sure the API is set to application/json

Hi @aerospace-pilot-6003

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Can you confirm:

  1. that you ran the flow with this request first and it’s still only giving you the option for body as a string?
  2. When you run this request in the collection, not as part of the flow, it returns JSON as a result?