Select Authorization Type in postman for laravel/passport tokens

I have laravel 5.5 app with api laravel/passpor 4.0 and I want to make test in POSTMAN.

Here laravel 5.5/passport docs I found that I need to use “OAuth2” type
In POSATMAN on “ authorization” tab I select OAuth and see a lot of fields:

But this tab has a lots of filds and
as in oauth_clients table there is 1 row with

  • id = 1
  • user_id= null
  • name = Company name
  • secret = secret value

In oauth_access_tokens there are many rows with

  • id = with unique hash
  • user_id = ref to users
  • client_id = 1 (ref to single row in oauth_clients table )
  • name = Company name

could you please explaine how this tab must be filled with data from my tables ?