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I’m relatively new to Postman. I use it mainly with Sage Intacct. I know that Postman is used primarily for testing APIs but was wondering if the functionality is there to set triggers to perform a certain task in one system when an activity occurs in another. Our company has used Zapier in the past but Zapier does not have an Intacct integration. I basically want to create a vendor in Intacct when a vendor is created in another system (also with APIs).

I’m just wondering if this sort of scheduling/triggering is outside the scope of Postman? Thanks!

Scheduling/triggering is not possible from Postman.

Hi @joshua.bromer,

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While @vdespa is technically correct, in that there is no scheduling or triggering feature within Postman, you can use Postman to develop the API request you need to be triggered, then generate the code for that API in whatever language you prefer (probably better to use a scripting language), and then you can set a trigger to run that script based on your condition.

Of course it depends on what you use to trigger, but it should be possible. You can use crontab for scheduling, or windows scheduler, but really you want a trigger. This scenario would be ideal for webhooks, and if you could develop a webhook for the Zapier integration to call for your Intacct system, that should do it.

You could also try some sort of monitoring, checking if the vendor is created in another system (using APIs), however, that is not very efficient.

Hope this helps you come up with some ideas!

Thanks vdespa & odanylewycz. It sounds like I need to figure out how to take the resulting code from Postman and put it into the action in Zapier. I never even noticed the code button until just now. I need a crash course! thanks again, Joshua

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@joshua.bromer You’re welcome!

Actually that should work, I believe Zapier does let you put code into their actions, though I am not 100% certain on this as I have never worked with Zapier, just sounds like I’ve heard that before.

The code button is certainly useful as it really helps you build out requests in different languages.

@vdespa and myself do have some good crash courses on youtube that will help you will all things Postman.

Those should cover most of your use cases :slight_smile:

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@joshua.bromer on the other end of the spectrum, certain events in the Postman can be sent to a Webhook, where you can customize what action you want to take based on the trigger. There are a bunch of other Integrations also provided by Postman. The details can be found in the Learning center docs -
Webhook Integration -

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