Schedule and Monitor cause 401 when manual collection run works

My question:
in my collection Postman I’m using the spotify web dev api to archive a playlist. The two requests that I have succeed when I perform the steps manually, but when I attempt to create scheduled runs or a monitor of the collection I get 401s.

My question is how I’m supposed to use the auto-refresh auth credentials of the collection since it seems like the setup I’m using fails. Naturally I’ve removed all the actual values for client-id and such, so mainly I’d love for an expert to inspect the way that I have the postman requests configured to tell me if I’m missing something.

Details (like screenshots):

Here’s my scheduled runs with one of the fails highlighted, the two following successes are after I manually re-authenticated and the token was refreshed for the next 2 hours or so.

Here’s some of the information from the collection auth page on the original collection

Any help is greatly appreciated as I figure this is something that trips up many beginners.

The auto-refresh access token toggle hasn’t been release yet to the runner. Feel free to upvote this issue or chime in with your use case: Add option to refresh OAuth 2.0 tokens [Available from v10.6] · Issue #2452 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

In the meantime, you could establish a workaround by inserting a request to refresh the token at the beginning of the collection, or in a pre-request script, like this example: How to Automate OAuth2 Token Renewal in Postman | by Allen Helton | Medium

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Hi Joyce,

Thanks so much for helping me understand this is partially an issue of a feature that hasn’t gone through. I’ll certainly speak up on that issue tracker.

Ok I’ll look at that example and see if it makes my purposes possible. Thanks so much, I’ll write back with other issues.