Running postman collections and getting report

Hello Team,

I have a use case, I hope i can find some help here.

We are using karate framework for API testing. As this is built on top of Cucumber, it requires creating feature files. Everything was working well.

Now, we have a requirement where we need to run the postman collections as it is. Karate supports generating the feature files on the basis of collection provided, but it skips the tests and pre-request scripts.

We are thinking to revise our approach here,
Requirements are.

  1. need to run postman collection.
  2. all the tests and pre-requests script should run and if any assertion fails, it should report it back.
  3. the reporting should be more detail oriented.

I have come across newman and seems like a good fit, but can we generate cucumber/testng/junit type of reports with it ?

Can we use java based solution for this ? Installing the newman package and running it in using Runtime library, is this a good practice to have in project ?

As we are taking the requirement (1) as the topmost priority and this is directly connected to the postman, what alternates can we suggest for this ?

Your use case is interesting and with that said, I wanted to share some thoughts on Newman.

Newman actually allows you to generate custom reports :

This is an example with an HTML reporter :

This blog and github repo shows an interesting example using HTML reporter :

Here is an example for Junit reporter for newman

This is an article about cucumber & postman which you may find useful

I hope that you may find some of these resources interesting

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