Runner to check status on all collections in workspace


I have 200+ end points I need to setup for testing. What I’m trying to do is setup the runner so I can run a simple get request on each and check the status message back. Preferably I would like to check for a 200 status on each request.

My problem is I can’t find a way to bulk load tests into the collection calls.

Is there a method to modify all my end points? is there some sort of local database file I can modify? Is there a flat text file I can modify the definitions in?

I appreciate any help, thanks.

Hey @matthewdameron1

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You could place a single 200 response code test at the Collection level that would run against each of those requests in the collection.

Is that the type of thing that you’re after?

@dannydainton , I see what you are talking about now in the edit section for the collections.

Is there a way to update all my collections programmatically so I wouldn’t have to manually update them(right click -> edit -> test tab -> paste -> save) ?

The only option I can think of would be to export all my collections and modify the definitions with a script.

There isn’t a programmatic way of doing that at the moment, you would need to do it one of the ways that you highlighted.