Runner - Once Timeout always Timeout

I’ve one collection with a single POST request. I use runner to run different data against this POST request.

After some time (can be short and can be long); the iteration will meet with either “501 - Gateway timeout” or “esocketerror timeout”. I can’t differentiate which error will appear first right now. But i notice; once I time out; the subsequent iteration will always time out.

The only way out is to stop the Runner and start again.

I’d be happy to hear some suggestion on what to look into the DevTool to understand the error. I’ve open the DevTool and hardly be able to spot a single thing.

Note: the single Post request has a pre-script and test scripts. As already known to most of you; the test script wouldn’t be executed when there’s time out. I can see that this is a feature request to have test script running even after error.

Since it times out it won’t run anything in the Tests tab?
So even if the tests tab had the below test, it wouldn’t be run?:

if(responseCode.code === 501) {
	pm.test("Request timed out", function() {

I’m unable to test this since none of the requests I’m working with time out :confused: