Run Tests After Error: read ECONNRESET

My question: How Do I Run Tests After Error?

I use postman to test our API. One of the tests is to check if we have correct TLS & ciphers. To do that, I just turn settings:

Protocols disabled during handshake

Real bump I am trying to understand is how to run tests after I have encountered not supported TLS version? Something similar - how do I run tests after I set incorrect values in Cipher suite selection ?

Imagine example. Our API does not support TLS 1.0. I perform request with TLS 1.0 . I get expected error, Error: read ECONNRESET . And in my test I need to assert that this error is really happened.

It turns out that tests are NOT executed after such error. My guess it was not designed to test server refused connection.

I’ve already tried:

  • reading docs & community posts with Error: read ECONNRESET
  • running sendRequest, did not find TLS settings for it
  • looked how can I depend maybe one request on another Postman pm.sendRequest example · GitHub

Thank You For Sharing!

In a nutshell they said that if there is no response then there is no need to run tests.
So you will not be able to test if you have some error when connecting to the server.