"Run in Postman" don't load "Authorization" and "PreRequest Script" config linked to the collection


We use Postman as a tool to share our API reference documentation. All our API calls use an Bearer header token.

We notice the new “Authorization” tab in the collection Edit panel. Same for the “Pre-requests scripts” tab. We’ve updated all our collection (400 calls) to remove the “Authorization” header from all the call in order to have it set only once in the collection edit panel. This was a long job to do…

Today we’ve noticed on our public Postman API documentation that when clicking the “Run in Postman” button, the “Authorization” and “Prerequest script” conf is not loaded! Which is very bad for us and make our documentation useless!!!

Is it a bug on your side? How can I get the whole collection config when I click “Run in Postman” ?