Run few particular requests before calling actual request

I have 2 different Auth Requests which grabs token say req1 and req2. These requests will grab 2 tokens, tok1 and tok2 respectively.

What I want?: I want to run req3 with tok1 and tok2 and there are many more such requests

Problem: Every time I have to run req3, I have to run req1 and then req2.

Query: I want to automate it, every time I run req3 , I want re1 and req2 to be automatically triggered.

Hi @sahilrally.coder
There’s no way to do this programmatically in the requester.

However, this can be achieved easily with the help of collection runner.

You can make the following collection with a folder in it along with the sequence of requests

Then you can run the folder using the collection runner and it’ll always run the folder in that sequence

You can make use of environment / global variables if you need to store data such as token etc.

Note: Remember that if you want the changes to be reflected in the environment and globals (globally) made after the collection run then you need to checkmark the ‘Persist Variables’ option before running the run, otherwise all modifications made to environment and global during the run are in-memory and will be lost after the run completes.

I hope this helps you.