Royal mail landed cost DDP calculator

We use Royal mail for our domestic and international shipping, but are now looking to implement Shipping DDP (duties paid) to ireland. to avoid custom fees for the receipients/ hold ups in customs etc.

This whole process seems to be very difficult with royal mail where essentially we want to just use their service (as its already been applied on our account) but we need the landed cost calculator API to work and provide us the numbers needed…

They have suggested we take the API info and set something up here in Postman but that doesnt really help us as we arent developers…

i can provide code, i can provide api info - anything anyone needs to help us set this up but we are desperate to get this going…

Hey @azurasport :wave:

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking for here :thinking: - Do you have access to some API Documentation that shows which requests you would need to make to get that information?

This is 1 of a million APIs so the more specific information that you can share the easier it would be for people to help you out.

Hi Danny,

Thanks for getting back to my post!

here is the link to the public page:

is this helpful or do you need more full documentation? as i think that is hidden behind our account login?

Not really - You’ll need to know which API endpoints you would want to call and also the Auth, Payloads, etc required to construct your requests.

This should be covered in the APIs Documentation, without that or the details for the requests, it’s going to be tricky to suggest after here.

Hi Danny,

i have done a loom video - let me know if that helps, gives you more info :slight_smile: again thanks for your help on this - are you a developer? would you be able to actually build this out for us as such?

Thanks - I do development work and I can guide you on how to build out a Collection in Postman but all of the actual work will be done on your side. :sweat_smile:

So with this option, you can download a schema that can be Imported into Postman and it will create a Collection for you with all the requests for that API.

Once you have that, you can then use the Documentation to build your requests with all the data that they will require.

Alternatively, you could copy the cURL command and paste that directly into the URL Address bar in Postman and this will create the request for you.

One very important thing you will need is to get the X-IBM-Client-Id and X-IBM-Client-Secret values to authenticate your requests. I’m not familiar with that service but I’d imagine you would get that from your user account on that platform.

Thanks Danny,

are we able to jump on a quick call and you can walk us through some of it? happy to hear what you might charge for that?