Retrieve string value in array from an response

Below is the response for my request

  "code": 401,
  "reason": "Unauthorized",
  "detail": {
    "failureUrl": "{\"code\":403,\"reason\":\"Forbidden\",\"message\":\"Policy validation failed\",\"detail\":{\"result\":false,\"failedPolicyRequirements\":[{\"policyRequirements\":[{\"policyRequirement\":\"VALID_NAME_FORMAT\"}],\"property\":\"givenName\"}]}}"

I need to verify {\"policyRequirement\":\"VALID_NAME_FORMAT\"} policyRequirement value. I am not able to achieve it array.

Can you please help

The failureUrl key is a stringified object, so you will need to parse it before you can access the elements within.

The value for failedPolicyRequirements is an array with a single object in it and so is the policyRequirements key that sits just underneath.

The following should target the policyRequirement key.

const response = pm.response.json()

let failureUrl = JSON.parse(response.detail.failureUrl);

let policyRequirement = failureUrl.detail.failedPolicyRequirements[0].policyRequirements[0].policyRequirement

pm.test("policyRequirement = VALID_NAME_FORMAT", () => {
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Thank you @michaelderekjones It works

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