Response Mismatch between Ready API and Postman for Soap Service test

Hi there,

I am testing a SOAP service and I am observing response mismatch(**) if compared with the SmartBear Ready API which is very weird. Could there be a problem.

**- In Ready API, its being returned with 2 warning error messages rather than 1. Plus in Postman response for one of the environment, its adding a attribute( SOAP-ENV:Header/) in the response which do not come in Ready API though.

Hi @naveensharma89,

You will need to provide some more details before we can help. Can you tell us more about the request you’re making? Can you show the two different responses (the one from Postman and the one from SmartBear)?
It sounds like it doesn’t work with any of them so the problem might be with your request.

Weird, Tried same request now and it gave me the expected error response. I cannot share Client data from my side. anyways it worked now. thanks!