Reset variable like the button

I searched and googled a lot now but I am either blind or expect too much from postman

There is this lovely button Reset Variable


Why is there no easy way to use this button via script? Or is there some way? I just want to remove “clear” certain variable with “null”. I don’t want to delete them.

I really hope someone is able to help me. Postman is already driving me nuts and it is been 2 days since I am trying to build a special test in it.


Hi @ykisaragi1

Have a look at these two links;

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Huhu @w4dd325
I saw that script but it didn’t work well. If there is a function built in within the client. why not simply using it. Instead of this workaround?

Thank you anyway for the support =)

As far as I am aware the button function/code is not accessible from the pm. API.