Request fails while running inside flow

I’m running into a problem executing a request from within a flow.
The request runs successfully when run in isolation. However, when I try to incorporate that request into a flow I see an error appear in the footer of the Send Request block (see image). It says “Unexpected token ‘q’, ‘qpvun/c/ec’ is not valid json”

The text it is quoting in the error text is actually the text of the response itself. And I can see as much in the console. Clearly that is not json. I suspect that the problem occurs because the Content-Type header of the response indicates that it is “application/json” (see image), so postman is trying to parse it.

I don’t have the ability to change the Content-Type of the response of the API in question. Is there a way that the request can continue and the response body be available?

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Is the API returning JSON in the success case?

@flows-daniel It isn’t returning valid json. It is just a plain string.


If you hover over the block you’ll get a gear icon on the top and you can force change it’s type to text. Auto will just respect the headers.

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That was almost exactly what I needed. Weirdly, the gear icon wasn’t available in the hover menu on the block. For me, it appears in the button bar on the right side of the window. Possibly a version difference?

In any case. It is now working.

Thanks for your help!

@ahoytrts are you using the Postman App? If so, you might want to update, I believe this was a recent change. I can track down the exact version if you want to upgrade.

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