Request body from individual json files - not as iteration data

I have multiple large json payloads that I need to use as raw POST body on my requests. Each payload and response is unique (so are the tests) for each POST.

Can I store these payloads as JSON files in a data folder in my project folder (with the collection and env. variable) and parametrize their path+name to POST body on the request? Is there some approach to achieve this? I could not find any samples anywhere.
With this approach I will be able to edit my payload json files (when I need to) without modifying the collection itself.

I am not asking how I can use individual key value data from json data files and feed them to the request with {{keyname}} variables in the payload pasted under the Raw tab.

I am also not asking how I can use objects from a json array to feed as iteration data to a collection. I use that in certain other projects I have. I use that by creating a request body variable in the pre-test script and then using that variable in the POST Raw Body. But this is not what I am now asking for.
pm.environment.set(“requestBody”, JSON.stringify(pm.iterationData.toObject());

My APIs don’t accept form-data File uploads. So I cannot provide the payload json file as form-data.

please advice.

You could use a node express http server that delivers the static large json files from your data folder.
Then on each test that need one of the large payloads, do a pm.sendRequest in the Pre-Request Script to fetch the large payload and to initialize a variable with it (pm.variables.set).
That variable is then used in the request body.