Request Being Sent Twice

We have a QA team member that is clicking send once, but Postman is sending the request twice - Postman sends once at click and then a couple seconds later it repeats the request. We thought they were clicking the send button twice, but the test results are being doubled. They have tried uninstalling and reinstalling latest version with no luck.

Has anyone run into this?

Hey @AubreyF,

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Are you able to share a screenshot of the Postman Console for these requests?

Is the collection something that they have created or imported it from someone else?

Do you know if there is a pm.sendRequest() statement in the collection, either at the Collection, Folder or Request level?

Attached are screenshots of the request and the Postman console after clicking send once.

The collection is our team collection we’ve been building onto. I don’t see a pm.sendRequest() at request level. I don’t know where to check for collection level though.

While trying to figure this out we found another team member that double requests are being sent for as well. It is sending the correct single request for everyone else though.

Thanks for the help!