Remove Access Header

Is there any way to prevent a header from being automatically added?

I have an API where “Accept” headers are not allowed on DELETE requests. Through curl, I can stop this header from being sent by adding -H 'Accept:'. I cannot see any such facility in Postman.

If I add an “Accept” header with no value, it is still included. Inspecting the curl that Postman generates shows that it actually adds -H 'Accept: ' (with a space value).

Any ideas? Is this possibly through Postman?

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I am not sure the current state of this item on their road map, but I did find a previous issue describing why Postman in NOT able to remove the Accept header

Thanks for the reply. It does look as if Postman is unable to replicate this header suppression, which is a shame. I did look at that ticket, and noticed that it is using the Chrome app. We use the desktop app, but I’m not sure if there is much of a difference.

This restriction does mean that we may have to find another tool to use, which is a shame because Postman has been very useful up until now