Read array from array in json file when I run a collection

I have a json file with this information

In the request body I write that value for the array keyValue and SectionKeyValue

In the request body I sent that, What I should to write in the param to read an array of array? try to parse these object that you see in the picture:

You need to transform the JavaScript object to a String using JSON.stringify.

You need something like this in your pre-request script:

pm.variables.set("KeyValue", JSON.stringify(pm.variables.get("KeyValue"));

I have shown a similar example in this tutorial:

@vdespa Hello! I did the transformation from JavaScript to String, however, when it executes a second time (in my external json file, it has two requests) the value comes incorrect as below:
ao invés de

Please share with me your file and the postman collection to take a look.