Raw .vs. Pretty Log Differences

It appears to me as if I am getting a difference in a view of the response body between the “Pretty” view and the “Raw” view. Here is a sample of pretty view and please take note of the “created” values.

Now compare the “created” values with the raw view of those same values:

So, comparing the first instance of “created” in the response body shows pretty: 1576020549598484700 while raw: 1576020549598484800.

This seems very strange to me, though I acknowledge I am quite new to it all.

Thank you in advance for any help that can be offered.

Hi @pcarrollsbr!

Interesting…is there another “created” value in your response that matches the the one ending in 800? Wondering if the order is just different in pretty vs. raw.

The snapshots contained the entire response. In that response there were 2 “created” values.
Let’s call “Case 1” as described in the initial description.

Case 2 shows pretty: 1576020549476558800 and raw: 1576020549476558900.

I might also add that the console view of “pretty” differs from the workspace view of “pretty” though this was not captured at the time. In a subsequent test, I was able to demonstrate this claim. The query response, as it appeared in the workspace was entirely consistent between “pretty” and “raw” and matched the console’s “raw”. So, only the console’s “pretty” view was unique.

Hi @pcarrollsbr, sorry for my delayed response.

It’s possible this is a bug. Would you please open a ticket with us so we can investigate further?

Thanks john-paul for your help. This has been logged as an enhancement request: https://support.getpostman.com/hc/en-us/requests/42311.