$randomLongitude for UK only?

When using predefined variables to return values, is it possible to limit $randomLongitude to UK coordinates only?

Hey @w4dd325

I’m totally stealing this from Stackoverflow, as there isn’t a way to configure the location for the dynamic variables:

function getRandomInRange(from, to, fixed) {
    return (Math.random() * (to - from) + from).toFixed(fixed) * 1;
    // .toFixed() returns string, so ' * 1' is a trick to convert to number

console.log(getRandomInRange(-180, 180, 3));

You could pass in the UK coords into that function and create a randomly generated location that way?

The United Kingdom is located on the geographic coordinates of 53.5500Β° N latitude and 2.4333Β° W longitude in Europe.

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