Python Server flask 500 internal server error

Hi everyone,
I got 500 internal server error , Anyone have a solution ?


And this is my file code

  • rating_model.pickle
  • columns.json

Link : File Code


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Did this issue resolved or still exists becoz I am also getting same type of 500 internal server error when I tried to test post requests using postman from deployed application(flask ,iis ).
Please let me know the status.

May the Error is due to Flask’s old version, so try resolving it by upgrading the version.

Open Anaconda Prompt and type

pip install --upgrade Flask

Then restart your IDE

I to got the same error, I tried many ways but still not able to resolve the error. I update the flask 1.1.2 even though no use. And try to remove the cookies, change the postman SSL setting still no use. Please any one have the suggestions ?