Public.pem and private.pem on Postman

Good afternoon, we have a server where we were given the keys public.pem and private.pem
how do we configure these keys in Postman and send encrypted requests in the header, the server accepts an encrypted xml request in the Pay-signer header.

Please tell me how to configure?

Hey @mnabijon,

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This article on our learning center might help you with this:

But I need to encrypt the request and return to the header, how to do this?

Not sure I follow what you’re asking. Once the certificates have been added, is the request not being sent correctly?

Are there errors that you’re currently seeing?

It’s difficult to know the full context of what you’re doing so the more detail that you can provide will help everyone understand the problem you’re facing.

No, it does not work, an encrypted request is not transmitted to the server, the encrypted request is also not in the header.

I need to sign a request that I send to the server with public.pem and private.pem certificates and I need to transfer this signed request to the header